North East International Mutual Aid

The North East International Mutual Aid, also known as NEIMA, is a non profit association made up of 21 fire services across two countries (17 American and 4 Canadian).

The departments cover the vast majority of Orleans County in the North East Kingdom of Vermont, and south east region of the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

The organization, through it's bylaws, permits member departments to work together when additional help at an intervention or emergency is needed, at no cost to the requesting department. 

The organization is also a voice for it's member departments, and can act as a median between state officials, and departments on subject that are of interest to all members. 

Each year, NEIMA also hosts a Regional Fire School, open to both member and non-member departments. The school has a variety of courses, from beginner to advanced, aimed to train firefighters the fundamentals of the job, or new and improved techniques.