Next Meeting:  June 18th, 2018- North Troy Fire Station

Thank you to Mansonville for hosting the May meeting.

Grass fire season is upon us, please be safe out there!

2018 Regional Fire School- The 2018 Regional fire school was held April 21st and 22nd, 2018, at the North Country Career Center in Newport VT. Over 14 member departments sent members, and overall enrollment was up about 10% over last year. Given the declining number of new firefighters across the state, and bordering states and provinces, we consider this a success! There were some set backs, some instructor cancellations, but overall the feedback we received was positive. We now look forward to a few months of relaxation, before we start generating ideas for the next school.

As always, we ask firefighters to pass along your ideas what you would like to see given for classes! 2 days? 1 days? 1/2 days?

North East International Mutual Aid

2018 Membership Dues

         All membership dues have been paid for 2018. Thank you for your cooperation!

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